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Some words about our North Baikal
“Warm Reception” Club

Dear traveler!

This is our web-site, and we aptly call it  “Welcome to Baikal!”  We are happy that you are taking the time to look us up!

Of course, you might ask: Who are we, and what does our group really do?  Well, we are owners of guest-houses and bed & breakfasts; we run road trips and offer journeys around Baikal on our boats.  We also operate our own resort areas, and offer our service as tour guides, interpreters, and/or local tour agents.  Plus we all live in northern Baikal, in a pocket of land that runs along the Baikal-Amur Mainline railroad.  We are certainly proud to represent all of the organizations that run all the  variegated, high-quality tours in our region.

We also love our homeland here, and want to share it with more and more of you out there.  We think that this is the place, here in northern Baikal, were you can find some of most beautiful and amazing scenery.  You can also visit the kinds of destinations that might help you rekindle your own spirit, or recover your physical well-being.

Each and every one of us is simultaneously a member of the “Warm Reception” Club up there in northern Baikal.  We formed this club not long ago to help develop real, bona-fide eco-tourism in our region.  We are always ready to support each other in our work, and share all of our best experience in running tours.  And perhaps most important for you, dear traveler, is the fact that we all try to make sure that your visit here is enjoyable, healthy, and safe.

As local residents we also understand the need to dedicate ourselves to protecting our unique environment at Baikal.   For this reason we have adopted our own Guidelines for running a good ecotour, which we would like to share with you.

For us it is essential that—while you are here—you not only fully enjoy our exceptional natural world;  but also we want you to get to know our cultural life here, especially amongst the native  Evenk and Buryat peoples, who have lived here since time immemorial.  We think the best way to do this could be for you to take a trek and stay in some of our older villages, where you can take part in some of the cultural events and ceremonies that run throughout the year.  Just spend a couple nights in our villages, and you’ll see how easy it is to relax in one of our famous Russian saunas, as you relish some of the fine, Siberian cuisine here. 

And with this web-site, you can make arrangements to do all of this.  You can discover what places you would like to visit, and then connect with us directly to request your special itinerary.  Or, if you would like assistance is putting together a more detailed agenda for your visit to north Baikal, then one of our tour operators or tour agents can help you set everything up to your liking!

Northern Baikal is really a place where your reception will always be warm.  We can say this in both the figurative and literal sense, because:

Our region is a very bright and sunny place, with lots of beaches and warm, shallow bays;
Our region is also home to so many hot springs, many of which are renowned for their medicinal qualities;
Our region is renowned for its warm-hearted people, who are full of the joy of life, and always willing to share this joy!

Come to our land and relax for a while.  And please rely on us to make all the connections and arrangements for you. 
In that way, you can help us support our local communities, and also make it possible for us to protect our incredible environment!

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