Tour Operators in our region

The “Khozyain” (Host) Tour Company

We can arrange trips to the thermal hot springs in our region, or boat cruises and guided hikes around Lake Baikal.  We cater to both individuals as well as to larger groups of travelers.  Our company owns and operates a hotel complex not far out of town, at the most popular thermal hot springs called Goudjacket.  This hotel (also called the Khozyain) is located some 25 miles to the west of Severobaikalsk.  For more details, click here.

Baikal Trail Adventures, a regional tour region

We arrange and lead outdoor treks and hikes around the lake.  We also provide advice as to the best trails and other routes to use in getting around northern Baikal.  Our treks are for active people mostly.  Our clients usually spend their nights in guest houses along the trails.  We also arrange for volunteer vacations on the trail, and otherwise do our best to promote the rational development of ecotourism in our region.   For more details, click here.

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