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In the footsteps of the Chilchegirs
Baikal Ice Adventure (12 days tracking the ice on Baikal)
Road trips around northern Baikal (trips in all 4 directions!)
One-day kayak trips out to the “Golden Sands of Yarki Island”
A seven-day tour called the “Trip to the Heart of Baikal”
Our tour of the Frolikha Lake region, the pearl of North Baikal
A trip of discovery to the village of Baikalskoye
Excursions to the aromatic world of Lake Baikal

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The Baikal Trail Hostel
Village homestay

Transportation around the lake

Boat cruises around northern Baikal
Road trips around northern Baikal (trips in all 4 directions!)

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The “Travel Host” Company (Company Khozyain)
“Adventures on the Baikal Trail” tour agency

Local Culture and Art

The Poetry of Ol’ga Azhichakova

Baikal lake

Lake Baikal—there are still a few people who have not heard about this amazing lake right in the middle of Russia. Framed by high rocky mountain ranges, the primeval beauty of our lake speaks of a forbidden, mysterious country. Everything you see here can take your breath away.  Your spirit and your imagination will be inspired by the sheer size and beauty of Baikal. And the rich world of animal and plants at Baikal is totally original—while the people here are all very kind and full of spirit themselves.
Our region lies at the very northern tip of Lake Baikal.  Of course, some might ask themselves:  “What can possibly be of interest to me in the bleakness and bitter cold of the north?”  But that’s not what you’ll find here!  It’s just as sunny here as it is in southern Europe; and our beaches are just as nice, even though the water is a bit cooler to the touch.  Still both the water and air around Baikal are fresh and crystal clear.
Plus, if you like fish, to catch or to eat, then both summer and winter is the time to visit.  The healing calm of our ancient Siberian lake makes you realize that few people have ever been able to leave their mark here.  The winter is especially peaceful, and the cold can be dealt with easily by visiting one of our charming thermal springs (such as the ones we have in Zelina, Goudjacket, or Khakusy).  Blankets of snow cover our icy lake during the waning months of the year, waiting for all you adventurers who love x-country skiing or other winter diversions.

For whoever has come to visit our corner of the earth rarely forgets their memories of our charming, yet raw natural world.   Yes, the beauty of our land is somewhat restrained and anything but flashy.  But we say that the call of the wild here is like a siren’s song; and it will remain in your mind’s ear for years to come.

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