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Cruises around
Northern Baikal

Captain and the boat`s crue invite You to the unforgettable cruise around Northern Baikal.


Cruise order through the phone: +7 950 391 3378, +7 977 396 9117

or e-mail:

Cruise Severobaikalsk – Olkhon (10-days) 

The first day: We leave Severobaikalsk for bay Ayaya (40 km.).
The goal – bay Ayaya (40 km.) There are good beaches, beautiful coastal rocks. We go on foot to lake Froliha – picturesque mountain lake, formed during the times of ice-age. The lake depth is 80 km. There is golets-davatchan in the lake – the only red fish, which lives near lake Baikal. Besides it`s possible to catch taimen, lenok, hariuse, sig, omul here.
The second day: We rest on the shore of Froliha lake.
There is not only great fishing here, besides there are wonderful sand beaches.
The third day: Mineral hot spring “Hakusy”.
The spring is situated 1 km. from bay Hakusy in pine woods. Water temperature is 42-46°С. There is a resort here.
The fourth day: The mouth of river Tompuda.
To the north from the mouth of Tompuda on the sand beaches during wind gusts and sometimes during surf one can hear whistle or creak, the sound similar to violin play. The natural phenomenon is called “singing sands”. Besides there is a great fishing here. It`s possible to catch taimen, hariuse, omul here.
The fifth day: Kotelnikovskii cape.
In the morning we cross lake Baikal in the direction of Kotelnikovskii cape. Kotelnikovckii hot spring is the only hot spring, situated on the western shore of lake Baikal. Water temperature achieves 71°С.
The sixth day: Davsha.
The central house of the Bargousin state forest reserve, organized in 1916 is situated here. There is a nature museum. Crossing the reserve territory You may meet picturesque lakes and mountain rivers with cascades. It`s possible to have “Russkaya banya” here.
The seventh and eighth day: Chivyrkuiskii bay.
There are wonderful sand beaches, water in lake Baikal is rather warm and it`s possible to swim here in the lake. You may catch hariuse, omul, okun, plotva here. Also Chivyrkuiskii bay is famous for its bay Zmeinaia, where a hot spring is situated.
The ninth day: Ushkanii islands.
Ushkanii islands consist of 4 islands: Bolshoy, Dolgiy, Krugliy and Tonkiy.
The islands are favorite place of Baikal seal. You may observe it. Bolshoy island is occupied with lots of high ant-hills.
The tenth day: Olkhon island.
Olkhon is the only island of lake Baikal where people live constantly. It`s famous for its historic and culture monuments. The main natural sights is cape Bourhan. Earlier the bay was called Shamanian. According to the ancient legends Burhan, the dominion of the nearest places lived here. You may get off the boat in MRS settlement, situated in Maloe sea, and go to Irkutsk by bus or car; or return to Severobaikalsk by boat Sever-2.

Additional provisions

Price of the boat`s lease for twenty-four hours is 30 000 roubles – July, August; 28 000 - June, September. Trip «Severobaikalsk – bay Ayaya» - 17 000 roubles.
Departure point is Severobaikalsk or MRS, which is founded at Maloe sea and it takes 4 hours to get to MRS from Irkutsk. 
There are 5 – 10 days cruises routes, they should be agreed with the boat`s crew in advance.
10-days cruise may start and finish at Severobaikalsk.
There are only eight berths with accessories.
If You belong to the group from 8 to 15 men You shall have tents and sleeping bags.

Cruise order through the phone: +7 950 391 3378, +7 977 396 9117 or e-mail:


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