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Baikal Ice Adventure

The footsteps of the Chilchegirs

A winter adventure to discover and experience life with the native people of northern Baikal (click here)

Baikal Ice Adventure

Baikal Ice Adventure

We will be tracking the ice on Baikal from Olkhon Island up to the northern part of the lake. We will see ice on the lake which we will never forget, we will sleep in warm tents near a crackling stove, eat fresh soup made from omul fish, and go swimming in the hot springs in Winter. More details on this tour (click here)

Road trips around northern Baikal (trips in all four directions!

If you are visiting Severobaikalsk for the first time, and you only have but a little bit of time to spend with us, then we recommend one of these road trips.  This may be the best way to get out and discover more about our natural world, and our local history and culture.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see and experience the remote world we live in at Baikal. More details on the tour (click here).

One-day kayak trips out to the “Golden Sands of Yarki Island”

You can discover the real Baikal up here in our northern half of the lake.  From Olkhon Island and the Holy Nose Peninsula right up to Severobaikalsk, you can really get the feel of our powerful and renowned lake.  We don’t think small here.  Except, for one thing: if you want to get out on the lake, what better way than to go on one of our smaller boats, such as a kayak or canoe.  This trip is only for those who are lucky enough to discover it. More details on this tour (click here)

Seven-day tour called the “Trip to the Heart of Baikal”

Over the course of this hiking trip you will come across a number of wonderful sites, including: the lovely headwaters area of the Neruchanda River (where many species of Baikal fish spawn); a number of beautiful moraine lakes, that were once carved out here by ice-age glaciers; the delightful cirque area that is known as the Heart of Baikal; and, at the end of our hikes, the healing waters of our plentiful hot-springs, all near the lake. More details on this tour (click here)

A trip of discovery to the village of Baikalskoye

Here’s a unique trip. Your tour guide for the whole way (Nina Tatarnikova) has been living in the village of Baikalskoye for many years now.  She loves to tell stories about the past here, and about the people who have lived here over the centuries.  Get a real feel for life in Siberia with this trip. More details on this tour (click here)

Excursions to the aromatic world of Baikal

Come with us to hike along our secret route up into the forest, where the luxurious smells of tree resin and various oils from local plants fill the air. More details on this tour (click here)

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